About Us

About us

ATNFX is one of the most renowned CFDs providers, offering trading solutions for active traders, scalpers, and beginners. ATNFX offers its clients cutting edge trading platforms and superior liquidity.

ATNFX is revolutionizing online trading. Traders can now access pricingupdates , which was only available to investment banks and high net worth individuals.

Our experts have years of exemplary, unparalleled experience in Forex, CFD, and Stock markets in Asia, Europe, and North America, which enabled us to choose the best possible technical solutions and the best price providers available in the market.



Over 2 million people worldwide have chosen a global leader in online
financial trading & investment. Investment and online trading .

Why was ATNFX Founded?

ATNFX sought to bridge the gap between retail and institutional clients offering retail traders instant access to hundreds of global markets, providing superior execution technology, lower spreads, and unrivaled liquidity.

ATNFX strives to innovate and develop the latest trading technologies and strategies to have unprecedented and profitable trading.